Air Movies: Enigmatic Characters

These artworks by Martina Schumacher are a tecnological implification of the enigmatic: An interactive, universal, and originalized digital portrait of the rest of a sparkling humanity. Blowing onto the artwork, one may catch a glimpse of unique shine, one comes closer to seeing oneself in the work as an enigmatic in the colorful sequins.

Several apparatus are being incorporated into deifying Berlin’s art landscape: First, the transformation of the real photographic representation into the symbolic order is destined to the pure ratio of the digital computer. The transformation of the symbolic into the imaginary is destined to you, the audience. Beauty can only be described by its code.

Martina Schumacher, master student of Georg Baselitz, translates uncontrolled output, a quality of abstract expressionism, into an art production under high-tech conditions. Programmed and at the same time uncalcuable automatic creation of the aesthetic space of thought happens somewhere between the scanner and the algorythm of the software working on fates of color spots.
There are several levels of abstraction in the work, depending on the distance from which you observe it.

Low resolution of these „monumental“ images makes them mental, hiding reality and ignoring the uneventful.

Martina Schumacher enjoys the interaction between living and non-animate apparatus. It is a new form of life on earth and she gives us pleasure to see the best of it.

Maximilian Stern